Harvey and the Buckets

Here’s an early live clip of us playing a track that we will spend some time tracking this week.. April For My June, penned by Bryan, butchered by myself just a bit on those harms in the first verse, was sick though.. no harm, no foul?

This is us jamming one of our newest songs we are currently recording and putting on our next release.. a collection of summer songs, due out soon on vinyl/digital as well as limited cassettes. also.. come see us Thursday night at Monterey Club

Harvey Update…

It’s been a fun and exciting week! We have released 2 new songs on our bandcamp that were also featured as NewTimes/County Grind’s MP3 of the week yesterday! We have also been hard at work arranging our next release, currently untitled, but due out late this summer on Vinyl/CD/MP3. 6-8 songs of symphonic summer bliss- or so we hope!

If you would like to receive a limited edition/numbered copy of the Downtown Trains CD Single, we have a few left, though they are going quick.. if they make it to our next acoustic show at Stage 84, we’ll have em! Orrr.. you could email us HarveyandtheBuckets@gmail.com with your home address and we will mail it to you, for free.

Upcoming Shows

6/30 (Acoustic) at Stage 84

7/15 at The Talent Farm

7/28 at The Monterey Club (w/ Nick Eberhardt and Suede Dudes)

Until then, Listen to Harvey, Listen to Suede Dudes, Listen to Bonnet People, Listen to Brian Wilson, Listen to Saturday Looks Good To Me, Listen to Dan Reeder and we’ll see ya around!

Downtown Trains Single, available for free download/limited edition CD’s!

It didnt mean that much to me
but now i feel real guilt
about the words ive thrown to you
and all our secrets spilled

I need some time or im on the move

ill get my shit in line for you
im gonna stretch my skin
and wrap you like a child
thats ready to begin

you need some time to let me in

when i was younger i had bad skin with acned sins

i dont want your pity but i cant stand my life
without you im lonely as a captains wife

when i was younger i had bad skin with acned sins

give em a listen and please let us know what you think!

Pet Sounds

Is a huge inspiration to all, and for us it’s no different. In fact, we are each listening to the album in it’s entirety (at least) once a day, every day for the next couple of weeks leading up to the sessions for our Summer EP.(Twist our arms, right)

That release will be available on CD, digitally, AND VINYL, which we cannot wait for!

Stay tuned, and come to our next show for a preview of some of those tunes, as well as the release of a limited 2-song CD, which we will be GIVING AWAY!

click here to RSVP!

Finally, if you do not attend tomorrow night’s Suede Dudes show w/ Bonnet People at Radioactive Records, then you are for realzies missing out!


"Let’s Go Away For a While.."

New Pics Up!

From our last show at GreenRoom , click here!

Weekend Links

Ah, yes. Just thought we’d offer up a couple links you might be interested in; in case you missed em:


County Grind Interview!

Our album on iTunes!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Just a reminder…

That at our next show, Thursday June 9th at Stage 84 w/Jacob Jeffries we will be giving away a two song CD - new jamz, which we produced ourselves at the Shed! In the meantime.. make sure you attend the Suede Dudes gig next week, and watch Bryan and Will kick serious garage ass.